• Image of Burundi Buhorwa
  • Image of Burundi Buhorwa

From our friends at Crop to Cup

"Farmers who live close enough to their community washing station deliver ripe red berries daily; this is that coffee.
The Buhowra washing station is in the Kayanza province, a decent drive north from the capital of Bujumbura. Wide dirt roads stretch over the rolling hills that are heavily grazed. As elevation increases so does tree cover, with banana and coffee trees peaking out from under pockets of forest. Pulling up to the Buhowra washing station it is clear that this is the only place that the washing station could be. It is the only large tract of nominally flat land around, located near a clear swift river, and on the only truck-ready road in sight.
As nearly all of the farming families turn out for an event for them to cup their own coffees, it is also clear that coffee is what centers this community."

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